Tyler Hoechlin Superman Black Suit Revealed For Arrowerse Crossover


The upcoming Arrow-verse crossover keeps getting more interesting. People have speculated that Batwoman (played by Ruby Rose), who will be introduced in Elseworlds, and Gotham City exist on an alternate Earth, which could potentially be home to the dark Superman.

In other CW crossover related news, while Legends of Tomorrow won't be included in Elseworlds, the team is planning their own crossover of sorts within their own ranks.

The Exploding Head emojis that Arrow star Stephen Amell attached to his latest tweet, from behind-the-scenes at this year's Arrowverse crossover shoot, pretty much say it all.

Eagle-eyed fans, however, are gravitating more to what Amell and Flash counterpart Grant Gustin are revealed to be wearing: matching black trousers (with wallet chains!) and studded biker boots.

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The black Superman suit has appeared in comics a lot over the years, most recently in Superman: Lois and Clark.

But it looks like that for at least some of Hoechlin's screen time as Superman, he won't be wearing the traditional red and blue costume. Instead, he's wearing a black suit.

That said, it would be very surprising if Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl all dedicated episodes to an event that doesn't have a lasting impact on any of the shows. Since those boots have some kinda menacing looking studs highlighting them, something tells me that the black suited Superman is leading some kind of "eeeevil" Justice League here. "Elseworlds" kicks off on December 9 on The CW.