Why Everyone’s Going Crazy About This Daniel Craig Photo


Morgan responded to numerous comments, defending his point of view, saying "James Bond would never use a papoose to carry his babies".

British television personality Piers Morgan lit up social media when he tweeted a photo of James Bond star Daniel Craig with his infant daughter in a baby carrier.

Some also pointed out that Craig appeared more ready for his next Bond outing than Morgan had suggested.

Captain America star Chris Evans said Piers Morgan is "terrified on the inside" after the Good Morning Britain host criticised Daniel Craig for using a baby carrier.

The thread was quickly flooded with photos of dads proudly showing off their own papooses.

Others attempted a more rational approach by explaining the benefits of baby carriers, which allow parents to keep children close, yet have their hands unoccupied while strolling on the street.

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Still others wrote that a father taking care of his child, even wearing a carrier, is attractive.

We believe this is yours, Captain America...

Craig's wife, the actress Rachel Weisz, reportedly gave birth to a daughter in August.

Many were offended by Piers' comments and were confused as to why it was emasculating for Daniel Craig to carry his child.

Naturally, he nominated himself.