LeBron will 'elevate' Lakers, says Nash


James and Ball were in the starting lineup of a game together for the first time, set to team up when the Lakers and the Golden State Warriors squared off in Las Vegas to highlight Wednesday's preseason slate. Golden State is Golden State and they're the champions. "So the Lakers have the exciting time coming up".

Strictly a business decision.

Within hours of James announcing his decision to move to Los Angeles, the Lakers were installed as second favorites to win the National Basketball Association championship, with only the Golden State Warriors ahead of them.

Statistically, the odds favour James. In a 15-year career his teams have won 50 or more games in 11 seasons.

Young talents such as Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma will surely benefit from James direction and on-court savvy.

James, meanwhile, has cautioned that the Lakers remain a work in progress.

James went on to say that his kids can drink "whatever dad's and mom's having".

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He was getting a better view Wednesday. "We have to take our bumps and our bruises, there's going to be good times and bad times but, if we continue to sacrifice for each other, everything will fall into place".

"That was the idea".

She also revealed that Johnson, Lakers' vice-president of basketball operations, had been the pull factor behind James' move.

"I'm really, really hopeful for the play-offs and, once you get James (there), anything can happen".

"The focus and communications skills with everyone starts with LeBron", Stephenson said.

The Lakers kick off the new season on the road against the Portland Trail Blazers on Thursday before they take on the Houston Rockets in their home opener at the Staples Centre on Oct 20.