McDonald's, Burger King, Five Guys given "F" over antibiotics


Wendy's received a D minus after sourcing 15% of its beef from suppliers that use less tylosin, a key antibiotic.

The remaining 22 restaurants - which included chains like McDonald's and Burger King - earned "F" grades "because they lack any time-bound, publicly available policy to restrict antibiotic use in their beef supply chains", said Lena Brook, lead researcher of the report and interim director of the food and agriculture program at the NRDC. "Both companies now serve only beef raised without antibiotics", the report "Chain Reaction IV: Burger Edition", said. Those were Shake Shack and BurgerFi.

According to the report, Fuddruckers, Steak 'n Shake and Farmer Boys have no antibiotic polices, but they offer a burger option made of beef raised without antibiotics. The report says many meat producers give animals antibiotics to encourage quicker growth or stave off disease, calling it a routine practice.

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The overuse of antibiotics in animals is accelerating the rise of bacteria that are resistant to such medicines, according to the World Health Organization, which considers antibiotic resistance "one of the biggest threats to global health, food security, and development today".

Each year in the US, at least 23,000 people die and 2 million get sick with antibiotic-resistant infections, according to statistics from the CDC. "Preserving the effectiveness of antibiotics for future generations is highly important to McDonald's", the spokesperson said.

"Policymakers should only allow beef producers to use medically important antibiotics under the guidance of a licensed veterinarian, and to treat animals diagnosed with an illness or to control a verified disease outbreak", it said. Previous reports have looked at chains' poultry buying.