Patrick Peterson reportedly wants trade to Saints


A report by ESPN's Adam Schefter, though, stated that Peterson "has asked Arizona to deal him by the October 30 trade deadline", noting the player "feels as if the situation is deteriorating and continues to reaffirm to others that he "desperately" wants out". Over the last two weeks, rumors have been flying around about Peterson's availability for trading. Clearly, the Arizona Cardinals will use that trade as leverage in any potential trade for Peterson as he is only 28 years old and is still one of the best corners in the game.

Trading Peterson would give the Cardinals the chance to stockpile draft picks and build a team around rookie quarterback Josh Rosen.

According to Schefter, Peterson "desperately" wants out of Arizona and a Cardinals team that is 1-6 and tied for third in the NFC West with the 49ers.

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The desire to want to play in New Orleans makes sense for Peterson.

Former NFL player Bryant McFadden, who is Peterson's cousin, wrote on Twitter that the Saints, Eagles and Patriots are all showing interest. Furthermore, Peterson's cousin and former National Football League cornerback Bryant McFadden has tweeted that the New Orleans Saints are his "ideal trade destination". The addition of Peterson would surely take their defense over the top and help them out down the stretch. If the Bucs could make the salary cap situation work with his current contract, and it would cost them anything less than a first-round pick, it would be a steal.