Terrifying Footage Shows Soccer Fans Go Flying on Runaway Escalator


At least 20 people were injured when an escalator in the Rome metropolitan system collapsed Tuesday night (Wednesday morning NZ time).

"People on the top of the other looking for help".

Footage posted on social media showed the escalator suddenly picking up speed and throwing people to the ground as they reached the bottom.

Many fans sustained cuts to their legs by shattered metal and glass.

Fire brigade spokesman Luca Cari said that the cause of the accident is still being investigated and that one person was seriously injured.

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Italian media said the incident involved visiting fans of the Russian football team CSKA Moscow, which faced Italian side Roma in a Champions League clash earlier today.

La Repubblica newspaper's website said the escalator broke after singing and chanting fans started to jump up and down on it.

Emergency services described the escalator's steps as "split and crumpled" and surrounded by broken glass and beer bottles, reports Sky Italia.

There were also reports of one Russian visitor being stabbed with a knife, but they were later refuted by the Italian embassy in Moscow.