Federal Bureau of Investigation looking into bid to smear Russian Federation probe chief Mueller


An alleged scheme to pay off women to fabricate sexual assault allegations against Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been referred to the FBI for further investigation, according to a spokesman for the special counsel's office, Peter Carr. The tale is a convoluted one, and it involves one of Mueller's most vocal critics on the right, a self-identified lobbyist named Jack Burkman, reports CNBC.

A scheme to pay women to make "false claims" of sexual assault against special counsel Robert Mueller has been forwarded to the FBI for investigation, the investigator's office said on Tuesday.

The statement didn't specify what the claims were, but the referral to the FBI - and a rare public statement about it from the special counsel's office - suggests that Mueller's office believed there was a potential crime for federal law enforcement to investigate.

The Hill Reporter news website said the scheme surfaced last week after they and several other outlets were contacted by an anonymous woman saying she had been offered cash to make allegations against Mueller.

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"I don't know anyone by [that name] and we never paid anyone", he says, adding of Mueller, "I guess he's deflecting attention from this by attacking me".

In a Twitter post Tuesday morning, Burkman said he will reveal the identity of "the first of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's sex assault victims" on Thursday. "I applaud the courage and dignity and grace and strength of my client". Asked about the accusations of a hoax, Burkman told the Atlantic that he didn't know the woman and that the Federal Bureau of Investigation referral was "a joke". "He said that we could not talk about it on the phone, and he asked me to download an app on my phone called Signal, which he said was more secure", she said in one of the emails obtained by The Atlantic.

Burkman gained notoriety when he promoted conspiracy theories regarding the still-unsolved killing in 2016 of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich. Reluctantly, I downloaded the app and he called me on that app a few minutes later, ' she wrote, according to the Atlantic.