Red Dead Redemption 2 Has Made $725 Million in Three Days


In this case, the page for the Cattleman Revolver advertises the weapon's best qualities. However, I don't think anybody would have expected it see the single most impressive opening weekend in the history of entertainment.

It's hard not to read too much into it, especially in light of recent reports about Rockstar's culture of crunch.

That tops the highest-grossing movie in history, "Avengers: Infinity Wars", which earned more than $640 million during its opening weekend earlier this year.

The game sold $725 million worth of copies in its first three days, only second to the $1 billion pulled in over three days by Grand Theft Auto V.

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Additionally, Red Dead Redemption 2 had the largest launch sales of any game released on the PlayStation Network to date, and it was the most pre-ordered game of all time on the PlayStation Network. The reactions to the stunningly immersive world have been intense, but what truly shows off what an "experience" this game is and how real it gets is one particular scene regarding the KKK.

We've had another tantalizing hint that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be coming to the PC after some enterprising soul rifled through the guts of the game's companion app and found references to a PC version.

The strong initial sales are good, but more importantly they seemingly create a wide base for Red Dead Online, the multiplayer portion of the game that is planned to launch (in beta) next month.