Fracking in Lancashire: New calls to suspend fracking after latest natural disaster


A micro seismic event of 1.1 local magnitude was registered on Monday morning at Cuadrilla's exploration site in Preston New Road while hydraulic fracturing operations were taking place.

Fracking has resumed again in Lancashire after a minor quake on Tuesday led to an 18 hour suspension.

The tremor is the largest recorded at the site since fracking began on October 15.

It was suspended on Friday and again on Saturday following tremors of 0.8 magnitude, which are categorised as a "red" event by the monitoring system regulated by the Oil and Gas Authority.

It comes after three other smaller events last week.

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Provided the event is in line with the agreed-to fracking plan and the risk of induced seismicity continues to be "appropriately managed", then operations may resume, the regulator added.

Under the Government's "traffic light" system, the company "has to cease fracking for 18 hours after a tremor of more than 0.5, even though tremors below 1.5 magnitude can not be felt at the surface", The Times reports.

For the second time in two weeks since Cuadrilla started fracking at an exploration site in northwest England-resuming hydraulic fracturing in the United Kingdom for the first time in seven years-the company had to stop operations on Monday due to a micro seismic event measuring above the threshold requiring a halt. "Well integrity has been checked and verified", the spokesperson added.

Any tremor measuring 0.5 or above means fracking must be temporarily stopped while tests are carried out.

Friends of the Earth is putting together a campaign to gather signatures in an attempt to stop the government from fast-tracking fracking applications.