How Did Two Mothers Both Carry the Same Child?


Instead of placing the sperm and Bliss' eggs into incubators in a lab, which is called reciprocal IVF and has been carried out for same-sex couples for years, they go into the chamber of the INVOcell device immediately after egg retrieval. During IVF, scientists fertilize eggs with sperm in a lab and then transfer the resulting embryos into a woman's uterus.

Kathy Doody told them about the procedure and that if it worked, it would be "the first time where both of the mothers physically carried the baby". Bliss, 37, donated the egg and kick-started the process, by having the device placed inside her body for five days, ABC News reported, before Ashleigh carried it for nearly nine months after that.

Bliss' eggs were harvested and inseminated in August 2017.

Stetson Coulter was born to his mothers, Bliss and Ashleigh Coulter, in June via a procedure called "effortless reciprocal In Vitro Fertilization", as first reported by WFAA.

"The moment he was born, I just thought to myself, 'I felt like I was the most blessed person in the whole world because he is just flawless in every way", Bliss says.

'I think that family, relationship, children is exactly everything that was meant to be in our world'.

"The eggs fertilised in her body, and when they returned five days later, we removed the device and froze the embryos", Kathy Doody told USA Today.

"It feels more natural and gives them a unique bond with their baby", she says.

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Effortless IVF begins the same way as traditional IVF. Then, the device was placed into Bliss' body for five days to start developing the embryo.

"It turns out, not surprisingly, that the woman's own body is a very good incubator", Kathy said, clarifying how INVOcell works. "We have livers, kidneys, and lungs so we're able to provide those same services to the embryo more naturally".

While Ashleigh wanted to be a mother for as long as she could remember, Bliss wasn't as interested in the concept.

"She got to carry him for five days and was a big part of the fertilization, and then I carried him for nine months", Ashleigh Coulter said. The couple got pregnant on their first try. She said, Image source " It was so exciting knowing that I was growing my own biological child inside of me".

Dr Kathy said she hopes her and Dr Kevin's efforts will 'open up new avenues, new choices for same sex parents'.

'So that made it really special for the both of us - that we were both involved.

The INVOcell technique used by the Coulters is around half the price of traditional IVF, with the Coulters spending $8,000.