Black Women Provide Support In Breast Cancer Fight


However, 43% of breast cancer cases are now detected at a very late stage, reducing chances of survival. Rojas says that establishing regular breast self-exams is important to detect changes in a woman's breast so that she may notify her health care provider. According to World Health Organization, it was estimated that over 508,000 women died in 2011, due to breast cancer worldwide. In the United States, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every three minutes. The organization has found that black women have a higher mortality rate due to certain factors including diagnosis at a younger age, a later stage of the disease and a more aggressive form of the cancer.

"It was not easy but I had my family, friends, church members praying and supporting me the way I wanted and I was able to fight breast cancer", she narrated.

"I think our biggest challenge is getting to the general practitioners", Ambrose said.

"I had the mastectomy then after six weeks I had chemotherapy".

That is why researchers at the University of Cincinnati (UC) are investigating a molecular diagnostic test to determine whether, after biopsy, someone is at high or low risk for actually developing malignant breast cancer, News Medical reports. That progress is attributed to improvements in early detection and treatment protocols.

The African American Advisory Council also facilitates events throughout the year including Pink Sunday.

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November will honor men's health, with prostate cancer awareness.

At present, only Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital in Lahore and Karachi's Agha Khan Hospital provided one-stop breast cancer clinic once or twice a week. She attended Shorter's Pink Sunday service. This is critical to avoid missing an early lesion, and hence diagnosing an early breast cancer.

"I felt so devasted, just in terms of the physical effects", said Simpson "Being told I would lose my hair because of chemotherapy and so really most of my support came from my oncologist".

The Male Breast Cancer Coalition is a global organization that unites survivors of male breast cancer from around the world to share their journeys in the hopes of preventing other men from going through this disease alone. The goal was to come together and support those who are going through a diagnosis and educate not only church members but the larger community.

The government had a plan back in 2005 to establish five breast cancer screening centers one each in the federal capital and the provinces; however the plan could not be materialized, as only one center has been built at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS).