Brazil's Bolsonaro gets to work on hardline agenda


The ruling sets a precedent just as tensions are running high before Bolsonaro is sworn in.

He called the reform essential to controlling surging public debt in Latin America's largest economy and making space for public investments to jump-start a sluggish economy.

However, years from now, Brazilian pollsters, like the political pundits baffled by Mr. Trump's win, will be asking how a presidential candidate such as Mr. Bolsonaro, who also openly professed his love of dictatorships, could not only find acceptance but soar meteorically in its domestic politics. This is likely compounded by the rapidly growing evangelical movement - nearing almost a quarter of the population - that has expressed support for the move.

Rosangela Wolff Moro, a lawyer married to the judge, has repeatedly suggested in her Instagram profile that she supported Bolsonaro against left-leaning Fernando Haddad, who was named the Workers' Party candidate after da Silva was barred by electoral authorities over his imprisonment.

The president-elect's future chief of staff told Reuters his first global trip would be to Chile - one of the South American neighbors that swung to the right in recent elections - and soon after that he hoped to visit the United States. "Now is time to reunite our community, based on our Jewish and democratic values of justice and tolerance", Lottenberg said about the 120,000 strong Jewish-Brazilian community. But more than two decades of UN-led efforts to curb the practice have largely failed, with Earth still losing a wooded area the size of Greece every year.

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"I don't idolize Bolsonaro and I don't know if he will govern well, but we are hopeful".

Bolsonaro is Netanyahu's newest right-wing friend joining alongside the likes of Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Poland's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, representing burgeoning Israeli ties with the countries. Share prices rose following Sunday's poll. "People want the PT out, they can't take any more corruption", said Tatiana Cunha, a 39-year-old systems analyst during the noisy celebrations. He said he was committed to fiscal discipline and called for the early elimination of the federal government´s budget deficit.

"The exact details of how his administration plans to achieve (its) objectives are limited", wrote Fitch analysts led by Shelly Shetty.

"The PT elected Bolsonaro", he said in an interview published Wednesday. "If nearly 60 percent of Brazilians choose a candidate, then you have to respect this decision", said Mercedes-Benz Brazil President Philipp Schiemer. "It's not going to work", Guedes said. He will oversee the transition from Rio this week and fly to the capital Brasilia next week, Lorenzoni added.