Tesla’s New Summon Feature Is Like Driving a "Big RC Car"


Tesla founder Elon Musk announced on Twitter Thursday that the company's "Summon" feature would be available soon. Despite the claim that Smart Summon (now known as Advanced Summon) is able to navigate complex environments, the current version of Summon has often come under skepticism of being overly cautious from some owners, as some have reported that even a one-inch lip on a driveway would prevent the feature from working as intended.

Tesla owners have been anxiously awaiting an update for the company's second generation Autopilot hardware for roughly two years.

One of Tesla's main claims-to-fame are the advanced vehicular features and ability to process important updates over-the-air.

Musk then went on to add that the upgrade will allow Tesla owners to "drive to your phone location and follow you like a pet if you hold down summon button on the Tesla app".

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The upgrade will enable owners to operate their vehicles remotely like a big remote controlled auto as long as it falls within the line of sight, Musk also said.

The Summon feature, which is part of Tesla's driver-assist Auto-Pilot system, now allows Model S drivers to park their cars from outside the vehicle in tight spots or to move the cars short distances to shift parking spot. This is useful for squeezing into tight parking spaces.

Tesla has long touted a more ambitious vision - one where you just get out of your auto and the vehicle will find a parking spot, park itself, and then come and pick the driver up later.