The Government Has Caved To Pressure And Will Get Children Off Nauru


"There are hardly any children in Nauru and [Papua] New Guinea and we expect that by the end of this year there will be none", Australia's high commissioner in London George Brandis told United Kingdom talkback radio station LBC today.

Some 40 children remain in migrant detention camps on the Pacific island of Nauru; more than 240 have been relocated in the past few years.

When Morrison took office in an internal government leadership ballot in August, there were 113 asylum seeker children on Nauru.

Some 46 children were born on Nauru. "That's been happening for some time", Prime Minister Scott Morrison told 2GB radio on Thursday. But after more than a year of screening, only 439 have found new homes in the U.S. Last week, the government said that number was down to 52.

"Once people have received their medical assistance, then the expectation is that they will return to their country of origin", Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said Thursday when asked about children being moved to Australia.

A poll in The Sunday Telegraph showed nearly 80 per cent of Australians supported taking the children off Nauru. "We have seen children not eating or drinking for days, in a comatose state".

Outsourcing the initial announcement to former attorney-general George Brandis, Prime Minister Scott Morrison even went so far as to take credit for the quiet, dignified way in which he'd apparently organised evacuation of children to Australia.

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"That is, for five years bar the last fortnight, it required us going to court to force the government to bring kids that were suicidal, kids that were at risk of dying as young as six-months of age", he said.

A YouGov Gallaxy national poll taken from October 17 to 22 found that 79 percent of respondents wanted the government to take up New Zealand's offer to take 150 refugees.

"All doctors are really concerned that that level will get to the stage where suicidal ideation will become real, that we will either lose children through suicide or lose children through the Resignation Syndrome, where they become so profoundly depressed that they would rather be dead than continue the mental pain that they have at the moment".

Refugee advocates are urging the Government to bring the rest to Australia as soon as possible, following suggestions the Government wants them all off Nauru by December. New Zealanders are allowed to live and work in Australia for as long as they like.

A future Labor government would also block the asylum seekers from ever permanently settling in Australia.

They are scattered throughout the country under varying restrictions - some in onshore detention, some in the community with limited working and education rights - but none are allowed the opportunity to be settled. So we've been getting about this quietly.