Amazon HQ2 to be split evenly between two cities


Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon may be contemplating spitting the coveted second headquarters, dubbed HQ2, between two different metros.

The Wall Street Journal reports Amazon will split the headquarters evenly between two locations with 25,000 employees in each city.

Speculation is also building that an announcement about which city will get HQ2 could come this month after Tuesday's midterm elections, according to the Washington Post story.

The company's motive behind the decision is recruiting enough tech talent, the report said.

Amazon's plans, the Journal reported, would place about 25,000 workers in each city, a move created to give the company a greater ability to attract talented workers.

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The Washington metropolitan area was long considered a top contender for Amazon's second headquarters.

Because Amazon is reportedly in "advanced talks" does not mean the deal is certain.

"And stop treating the NDA you signed like a used napkin", Grella tweeted.

In January, Chicago made the list of 20 finalists from across the nation for the online retailer's "HQ2", a new campus equivalent to its original Seattle headquarters where the company says it expects "to invest over $5 billion in construction and grow this second headquarters to include as many as 50,000 high-paying jobs". Earlier leaks had Amazon choosing between cities like Arlington's Crystal City, Dallas and New York City. Pittsburgh officials have been extremely quiet about Amazon, discussions with the company and the company's visit to the city.