The Walking Dead: Rick Grimes' Last Episode Recap


The following story contains spoilers from Sunday's Walking Dead - proceed at your own peril!

Though Andrew Lincoln told San Diego Comic-Con this summer that his "relationship with Mr. Rick Grimes is far from over", The Walking Dead star is set to leave on November 4 the AMC series he has been on since the beginning - but not without a "thank you" and praise from cast mates present and past.

Speaking with Variety at the show's season nine premiere, the cast of "The Walking Dead" reflected on their time acting alongside Lincoln's character before offering up their thoughts on what his future tombstone might say.

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After a cliffhanger for the ages in last week's episode of The Walking Dead, Rick's life is in the balance after he fell onto a piece of rebar that left him a bloody mess with two herd of walkers bearing down on him. And Bernthal, Sonequa and my dear friend Scott Wilson who was so proud to be back on the show. And in Sunday's installment of TWD-Season 9, episode 5-it was finally time for fans to say goodbye to everyone's favorite fictional sheriff.

Some actors appear just once in the tribute and there are a few notable absences like Chandler Riggs, who played Grimes' son Carl up until last season, when he died after suffering a bite from a walker. "The episode's final sequence saw Anne (formerly known as Jadis) spot a still living Rick sprawled out on the riverbank before informing the man on the other end of the walkie-talkie that she had a "'B" not an "A'" as the mysterious helicopter hovered over her. I love the people who make this show. "We have a deal?"

The following article discusses how Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) exits AMC's The Walking Dead in episode 9×05, "What Comes After".