Elon Musk Walks Huge Boring Tunnel In California


Cruising through the cosmos with "Don't Panic" written on the dashboard, Starman was SpaceX's test dummy for its Falcon Heavy rocket launch back in February. The auto is expected to reach its far point this Thursday.

Although the final firing of the rocket's upper stage back when it launched put the vehicle on a more distant trajectory than anticipated, SpaceX said in a short Twitter post it had passed Mars's orbit.

Elon Musk last month said his tunnel construction company was almost finished with its proof-of-concept, a two-mile-long tunnel that stretches from SpaceX's headquarters in Hawthorne, California, to an LA suburb.

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The two will meet for just the second time in their careers, when the Packers (3-3-1) and Patriots (6-2) square off Sunday night. Brady seemed to call the play an accident, but in real time it looked like Edelman was in the area and overthrown on objective .

The Roadster is right on schedule to reach its farthest point this Thursday at 155 million miles (249 million km) from the sun, according to Ben Pearson's model on Where Is Roadster?, a website tracking the Roadster's journey.

As of today, almost nine months since the launch, Starman has exceeded its 36,000 mile (57,900km) warranty over 10 thousand times by traveling a distance equivalent to 16.4 times the combined length of every road on Earth.