Final push in US Midterm elections


What are the midterm elections?

"You want to see Georgia prosperity end?"

How it would happen: This appears the most likely scenario, if you're to believe the polls.

And just look at how wide the playing field is - Democrats need to pick up 23 seats to take back the House, and they are targeting some 80 Republican-held seats. That's unlikely, by all accounts, because the map is so friendly for the GOP.

In 2018, 60 percent of Democrats said they are more likely to tell others about how they intend to vote, compared to 49 percent of Republicans. Around 30 races considered tossups by the Cook Political Report are still "startlingly close", according to interviews carried out by the Times and Siena College. This would seem likely even in a neutral environment, and history shows that these "toss-up" races tend to go strongly in the direction of the party with the electoral momentum.

Trump's tone during his presidency has not really changed much from the 2016 campaign cycle.

Trump could also blame the Democratic House for his continued failures to live up to his many promises. If the map were anywhere close to neutral, and the environment were as it is, Democrats would be virtually guaranteed a House takeover right now.

Ron Klain, a former top aide in the Clinton and Obama White Houses, calls the upcoming election an issue of "life and death" for Democrats.

How it would happen: Let's assume we're underselling the size of the blue wave.

Republicans now have a majority in both chambers.

In the 16th Congressional District, incumbent Republican Adam Kinzinger will defeat Democrat Sara Dady, 55 percent to 45 percent.

In the closing weeks of the midterms, Trump has unleashed a no-holds-barred effort to boost Republicans as he dipped into the same undercurrents of unease that defined his 2016 campaign.

Now, Republicans are expected to lose three open seats around Philadelphia and Allentown. Heidi Heitkamp, a Democrat, in North Dakota. After all, the party that does not control the White House nearly always picks up a slew of seats in the first midterm after a presidential election (Barack Obama's party lost 63 seats in 2010).

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"They're telling us that the single most, grave threat to America is a bunch of poor, broke, impoverished, refugees".

More Democrats voted early than Republicans in Florida, home to a number of key races, while in Arizona, Republicans' traditional voter-turnout advantage shrank in early voting, according to state statistics.

The contentious hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, in which a Senate Democrat hid uncorroborated sexual allegations against him until the 11th hour, were a disaster for Democrats.

Will Republicans will be able to keep control of both chambers of Congress?

Democrats during the 2016 demanded Trump release his tax returns. And it wouldn't be wrong.

The disagreement highlights the tug-of-war over strategy that's been dogging the GOP all year: Should Republicans prioritize turning out Trump backers, or appeal to suburban swing voters? FiveThirtyEight has them at a 1-in-8 shot.

Ronna McDaniel, head of the Republican National Committee, said on ABC's "This Week" program that the media had chosen to focus on Trump's immigration rhetoric but the president was also emphasizing economic and job gains under his presidency.

In the Legislature, all 203 House seats are up, along with 25 Senate seats. He has campaigned in 24 states for Republicans.

The result would be the GOP maintaining control of all the levers of power in Washington and having more room for error in the Senate, with a 53-47, 54-46 or even 55-45 majority. It would suggest - again - that polls might be underselling Trump's actual base of support and that we continue to fundamentally misunderstand what he's doing to our political coalitions.

Here are four scenarios for how election night might play out and what each could mean.

Democrats feel they need to limit the losses in the Senate. Democrats would be left with hard questions about a path forward.

Asked about the ad on Monday, Mr Trump told a journalist: "A lot of things are offensive". A Minnesota native, he has also written about politics for the Minneapolis Star Tribune and the Hill newspaper.

Aaron Blake is senior political reporter, writing for The Fix.