Lewis Bennett admits killing his bride Isabella Hellman on their honeymoon cruise


Lewis Bennett, 41, who had denied having anything to do with the disappearance of Isabella Hellman, entered the plea in court in Miami yesterday, five weeks before he was due to go on trial for second-degree murder.

Although nothing can ever erase the pain and suffering caused by Lewis Bennett's criminal acts, the US Attorney's Office and our law enforcement partners hope that the defendant's admission of guilt is a step toward justice for the victim, Ms Isabella Hellmann, and her family.

Bennett entered the plea after U.S. prosecutors reduced a charge of murder for the 41-year-old to one of unlawful killing without malice.

"The federal government remains committed to the safety and security of our USA citizens, whether they are at home in South Florida or travelling on the high seas". They then left for their home in Delray Beach, Florida.

A British man who claimed his American wife had disappeared at sea after their catamaran sank off the coast of Cuba has admitted killing her.

"As a plea agreement, it's a compromise, it's not what everyone wanted", Mitchell Kitroser, a lawyer for Ms Hellman's family, said.

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Detectives later learnt that the boat had been deliberately sunk.

Prosecutors said it was not until 45 minutes later that he reported Isabella missing, and only after he had scuttled the catamaran and boarded a life raft. Her body has never been found.

Court documents relating to the original murder charge alleged Bennett had killed his wife to end "marital strife" and to inherit her money and the Delray Beach home, which she owned.

Also investigators found Bennett on the life raft with $100,000 worth of coins stolen from a yacht he had worked aboard in 2016.

Bennett had reported the coins, worth almost £30,000, as being stolen from a former employer in St Maarten a year earlier.

Bennett is now serving a seven-month jail sentence after pleading guilty to transporting the coins. The 41-year-old Lewis Bennett faces a maximum eight-year prison sentence in the May 2017 disappearance of Isabella Hellmann, his wife of three months.