Runaway Train Travels 92km Without Driver, Leaves Mining Giant With Huge Losses


A train loaded with iron ore and operated by BHP ran away without a driver for 57 miles (92km) before being forcibly derailed, the company and Australian authorities have said.

A driverless, 268-car iron ore train was derailed in Western Australia on Monday - but only after it traveled almost 60 miles without an engineer, officials said.

The train was travelling on BHP's Newman to Port Hedland line in the Pilbara region, a remote area.

The train began its getaway when the driver stepped off to inspect a wagon at around 4:40 a.m.

The ATSB, which is also investigating the incident, said the damage to the train was substantial.

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It remains unclear what caused the train to take off by itself, but the Australian Transport Safety Bureau has already sent two experts to look into the matter.

Rail operations have been suspended. "The driver alighted from the locomotive to inspect an issue with a wagon", it said in a report.

"We are working with the appropriate authorities to investigate the situation", the spokesperson told the news outlet.

It managed to travel 92km without anyone at the helm before BHP was forced to take drastic action and intentionally derail the train at a crossing located roughly 120km from Port Hedland in Western Australia.