Russian fighter jet flies dangerously close to intercept a US Navy plane


A Russian Su-27 fighter jet intercepted a U.S. Navy reconnaissance plane Monday over the Black Sea, but the incident was resolved without any hostilities.

In a press release, the U.S. Navy said the actions were "irresponsible" and put the pilots and crew "at risk".

Also on Monday, a Pentagon spokesperson said that the Russian jet came "very, very close" to the U.S. EP-3 aircraft, adding that it made an additional pass after activating its afterburners to create more turbulence.

During an encounter that lasted a total of 25 minutes, the Russian SU-27 jet passed directly in front of the US EP-3 aircraft at a high speed, the officials said.

And in Syria in December, US F-22s fired warning flares at two Russian SU-25 planes that, according to US officials, crossed the country's de-confliction line.

The Russian Defense ministry acknowledged the incident, insisting, however, that the Su-27 kept a safe distance from the EP-3.

The Russian Ministry of Defense denied the Navy's claims that the Su-27 intercepted the EP-3 in an unsafe manner.

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A Russian SU-27 jet reportedly intercepted one of the USA reconnaissance planes Monday in worldwide airspace.

A US Navy statement on the incident called the Russian jet's behavior "unsafe". The crew of the EP-3 reported turbulence following the first interaction, and vibrations from the second.

However, the Russian Embassy in the United States claimed Monday that their jet was simply "accompanying" the American "spy plane" in order to prevent a 'violation of Russian airspace'.

"The smallest lapse of focus or error in airmanship by the intercepting aircrew can have disastrous consequences", Navy Capt. Bill Ellis, commander of Task Force 67, said at the time in a statement.

The EP-3 is a electronic warfare and surveillance plane used by the US Navy.

After reporting back to the communications intelligence unit, the fighter jet escorted it away from the Russian airspace "in compliance with all security and safety requirements", it said.