Boeing issues warning on potential instrument malfunction after Lion Air crash


Lion Air flight JT610 crashed into the sea off Indonesia's island of Java on October 29, minutes after taking off from Jakarta, killing all the 189 on board.

Boeing said in a statement received at China's largest air show in Zhuhai that its bulletin to airlines underscored "existing flight crew procedures" created to address circumstances where information coming into the cockpit from the sensors was wrong.

Global plane manufacturer Boeing has issued airlines new guidelines warning of a potentially faulty sensor that may have caused the Lion Air Flight 601 crash tragedy.

This measures at what angle an aircraft is flying and air is passing over the wings.

An aerodynamic stall is when the wings of an aircraft can't produce enough lift and the plane starts to dive.

Aerospace and defense giant Boeing is planning to issue a safety warning to people flying its 737 Max jet, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday.

"The draft of what will be conveyed by Boeing this morning has been presented to us", air accident investigator Nurcahyo Utomo said.

A statement and copy of the new directive obtained by Avionics International notes that the agency is issuing an emergency AD requiring a Boeing 737 MAX flight operations manual update.

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"The Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee has indicated that Lion Air flight 610 experienced erroneous input from one of its AOA (angle of attack) sensors", the warning said.

This issue is said to arise only during manual flight.

Soerjanto Tjahjono, head of Indonesia's National Transportation Safety Committee told reporters that after one flight from Bali to Jakarta - the last flight before the crash - the left and right AOA sensors were found to disagree by 20 degrees. But the plane's computers will resume trying to dive as soon as they release the switch, the Boeing bulletin said.

And in this case the procedure for dealing with the problem it is what is called a "memory item" - pilot's commit them to memory.

Visitors watch as a Boeing 737 Max lands after an air display during the Farnborough Airshow, southwest of London, on July 16, 2018.

There are a total of 49 Boeing 737 Max planes in service across the US, including 26 737 Max 8 planes in service at Southwest Airlines, 16 at American Airlines and seven Max 9 planes at United Airlines. The pilot on the crashed Lion Air flight had asked shortly after takeoff to return to the airport in Jakarta but lost contact with air traffic controllers afterward.

Lion's earlier admission that the jet had a technical issue - and the captain's request to turn back to the airport minutes before the crash - have raised questions about whether it had faults specific to one of the world's newest and most advanced commercial passenger planes. Body parts are still being recovered and searchers continue to hunt for the cockpit voice recorder.