Borat returns "to swing the midterms for Premier Trump"


Introducing the clip, he said: "Russia interfere with the presidential election....but now, all eyes are on them". "So, it up to Kazakhstan to swing the midterms for Premier Trump".

"We asked you if you would to go a wealthy neighborhood here in Los Angeles - oh, I'm sorry, we asked your friend, if your friend would go to a wealthy area of Los Angeles and talk to people about the elections today and the state of American politics", Kimmel said. In his travels, he met a woman who seemingly advocated for keeping kids in cages, and a man who denied the idea that President Donald Trump is a racist.

To that Borat said that there isn't a problem being a racist. Or 'liberal elitist Hollywood bubble globalist Jew mouthpiece, ' as the Kazakh character said. "I am a racist, it is nice", he smiled. Another Trump supporter was well versed in Trump's "fake news" narrative.

Maduro teme sanciones; repatriará oro de Londres
En aquel momento, el entonces mandatario argumentó que la medida era para "soberanía en el manejo de los activos". Mientras tanto, ni el BCV ni el Banco de Inglaterra han hecho comentarios al respecto.

Also of note: the Republican voter who, very thankfully, would not be drawn into Borat's anti-Semitic sentiments (Baron Cohen is Jewish).

Sacha Baron Cohen's much-loved Kazakhstani character made a welcome return to the small screen yesterday (6 November) as America went to the polls.

After debuting the character on Da Ali G Show all the way back in 2000, Cohen enjoyed "great success" with the 2006 Borat film as it made almost £200 million worldwide at the box office - but he's only brought Borat out for a handful of appearances since then.