Jimmy Kimmel Tricks People Into Thinking Kid Rock Won Senate Seat


"Last year, you may recall Kid Rock announced he was running for the Senate and, of course, it turned out to be a publicity stunt".

But apparently not all Americans are aware that Kid Rock gave up on his bid.

The late-night host sent a camera crew to prank pedestrians into thinking the singer won the Michigan Senate seat in the special election on Tuesday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! Kimmel explained leading up to the segment. "We went out on the street and we told people that Kid Rock won the special election for Senate. We even showed them footage of Kid Rock in concert and told them it was his victory speech", the video description on YouTube reads.

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Watch the full clip below.

"I did hear a little bit about it today in the morning", one person said about the news. " team tricked unsuspecting people into believing that the pro-Trump rocker was the newest senator on the block".