Wendy Williams Worries Demi Lovato’s Living Situation After Rehab ‘Isn’t Stable Enough’


The singer relapsed early in 2018 after being sober for six years, putting her struggles with staying clean into an emotional and raw new song.

The 26-year-old singer entered rehab in August after being discharged from hospital following an apparent overdose at the end of July, and she has now broken her social media silence in an Instagram post which called for Americans to go and vote in the ongoing midterm elections.

After 90 days in rehab, Demi Lovato will continue her recovery in a halfway house for three days a week. She also has the support of a sober coach available to her 24/7. You have to spend time in one place or another, all that time packing bags 3 days a week here, and 3 days a week there'. But, "It's still not stable enough", Wendy said of Demi's living situaiton during her show, November 7.

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As fans know, Demi left rehab a few days ago and was spotted with designer Henry Levy at Matsuhisa restaurant in Beverly Hills.

'They are not boyfriend and girlfriend, even though there was a picture of them holding hands.

He comes from a family that can just buy or sell Demi Lovato over and over again. "She needs a real sober companion..." Their money is long and strong, they're up to something, the family. "I wonder, based on this picture, are you really sober?", she questioned. Lovato wrote to her 70.5 million followers, captioning a snapshot of herself at a polling location.