Australia Outback Deaths: Four Found Dead Near Broken Down Vehicle


An air and land search was conducted Thursday to look for a 12-year-old boy who Nobbs said was believed to have been in the auto with the family.

The trip is roughly 114km, or a five-hour drive on the Jarra Jarra Access Rd.

The bodies of a young couple. both aged 19, and their three-year-old son were found in the Northern Territory on Wednesday 4.5km away from their broken-down vehicle.

Stranded after their vehicle broke down on a remote dusty bush track 300km northwest of Alice Springs, two teenagers, their three-year-old son and a 12-year-old boy only needed someone to drive past and lend a hand.

Remnants of food and water were found in the auto.

It is not known why the vehicle broke down but it is understood there was no mobile phone coverage for the stranded group.

The alarm was raised by a person at Willowra Health Clinic just before 12.30pm on Wednesday and authorities attended the scene on Jarra Jarra Access rd - 62 kilometres away from Willowra - later that same day.

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Police are still continuing precautionary land and air searches to rule out anyone else being stranded in the Outback, according to The NT News.

Because of flooding rain and the remoteness of the area, police investigators took a few hours to reach the auto.

Northern Territory Police had been conducting a land and air search of the area after other family members told them the older boy might have been a passenger.

Superintendent Nobbs said the four people were last seen in Ti Tree last Friday and had left to meet family in Jarra Jarra.

"One of the avenues we're looking at is that they've walked off from a vehicle in extreme weather and may have got caught out".

Duty Supt Gill also said it's possible the group could have died several days ago.

"This does serve unfortunately as a timely reminder for anybody traveling on the Northern Territory roads to ensure that, when you do travel, your vehicle is in a fit state to travel".