Donald Trump Slams CNN Reporter: ‘You Are A Rude, Terrible Person!’


"Sources with direct knowledge tell Jonathan Swan that since the earliest days of his presidency, Trump has mused about revoking press credentials for reporters who infuriate him", Axios reports. "You are a rude, awful person", Trump added.

The White House's treatment of Acosta drew wide rebuke from press freedom and journalism organizations.

Reporters don't get routine access to the Prime Minister's Office, but media credentials to access Parliament Hill are managed by the National Press Gallery, not the PMO. He held onto it as he insisted on asking another question.

"I was just trying to ask a question of the president at this press conference, and it was obviously a question that he didn't like", Acosta told CNN colleague Anderson Cooper later Wednesday.

Margaret Talev, senior White House correspondent for Bloomberg News, and board member and past president of the White House Correspondents Association, weighed in on these events when she joined On Point Thursday. When he tried to follow up with another question, Trump said, "That's enough!" and a female White House aide unsuccessfully tried to grab the microphone from him.

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Reporters and historians said it was hard to recall a similar episode.

"President Trump believes in a free press and expects and welcomes tough questions of him and his Administration".

"In an explanation, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders lied", the network said. "Jim Acosta has our full support". "Surely you don't trust InfoWars.?" he said on Twitter. After months at odds with President Trump, Sessions resigned on Wednesday, clearly writing that he was only doing so at Trump's request.

Sanders tweeted a video of the incident to back up her claim. Trump then said he wanted immigrants to "come in legally". Its president, Olivier Knox, said in a statement Wednesday night that the group "strongly objects to the Trump Administration's decision to use US Secret Service security credentials as a tool to punish a reporter with whom it has a hard relationship. A free press is vital to democracy, and we stand behind Jim Acosta and his fellow journalists everywhere". "Its deceptive, risky and unethical", said association president Whitney Shefte. One is that the White House put out a statement that was misleading in nature and suggested that Jim was an aggressor in some sort of inappropriate way. "When you are holding something and you snatch this from me, this is now an extension of me and that means you've battered me, you've assaulted me". "As long as @realdonaldtrump is our President, I'm not taking a day off". "I do think they are trying to shut us down, to some extent, inside the White House press corps". Peter Baker at The New York Times called Sanders' justification "fake predicate to punish a reporter".