Sinéad O'Connor never wants to associate with ‘disgusting’ white people again


The 51-year-old "Nothing Compares 2 U" singer also criticized Twitter's policy on blocking hate speech, writing, "Interesting to see if Twitter bans this when it allows people like Trump and Milbank spew the satanic filth upon even my country".

Posting the comment - which she herself described as "so racist" - on Twitter today, Sinead said: "I'm terribly sorry". In a tweet this morning, the singer revealed that she never wants to "spend time with white people again (if that's what non-Muslims are called)".

O'Connor began her Twitter rant by apologizing for saying "something so racist", explaining she never thought it was something she could ever feel. "Not for one moment, they are truly disgusting", she tweeted.

"BTW if one IS an intelligent theologian and has taken the journey, one would know there is no more talk of ancient violence in the Q'ran as the Tanukh, the Bible or The sodding Mahabarata". "And its ALL EQUALLY [IRRELEVANT] TO OUR TIMES", she wrote, adding the hashtag "#ReignOfWhiteMANover". "Then by all means, spank my ass and call me Fruity loops", she wrote wioth a smirking symbol.

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"Dear Sister, whoever is "teaching" you about Islam, seems to be trying to lead you astray".

O'Connor's most recent tweet on the matter read, "Final word". Which makes all other scriptures redundant.

In 2017, she changed her name to Magda Davitt and said at the time: "Sinead O'Connor is gone".

O'Connor has been open about her struggles with depression and suicide attempts.