Floridas U.S. Senate race headed for a recount


In the governor's race, Democrat Andrew Gillum's campaign said Thursday it's prepared for a possible recount.

The news stood in stark contrast to the apparent posturing of the opposite by Republican officials who were complaining that Snipes, who is overseeing vote tabulation, was working to give votes to Democratic candidates in the Senate and gubernatorial elections.

"You can go back and check voter intent, but if it is a design problem and people didn't see the race to begin with, there is nothing you can do about it", Lawrence Norden, a lawyer familiar with election law and deputy director of the Brennan Center's Democracy Program.

Scott's race against Democratic incumbent Sen. "That is certainly true", Rick Scott said.

Florida solidified its status as Trump Country this week, reinvigorating Republicans and dispiriting Democrats as the consummate swing state sets the stage for a possible three-peat in 2020.

And like in 2000, the counting process is becoming contentious.

Scott's campaign filed a lawsuit demanding that the Broward County supervisor of elections be ordered to turn over several records detailing the counting and collection of ballots cast.

"We do not have an active investigation", Florida Department of Law Enforcement spokeswoman Gretl Plessinger said.

"He is desperately trying to hold on to something that no longer exists".

President Trump offered support for Scott on Twitter Thursday night.

With statewide turnout about 62 percent, Scott pulled in strong vote totals across reliably red counties in suburban Jacksonville, Orlando and Tampa.

Bucher, in Palm Beach, did not answer a call to her cell phone Thursday night.

A spokesman for Governor Scott criticised the move as a "desperate" attempt to cling onto power. While that margin, if it holds, would require a recount, DeSantis has mostly stayed out of the fray, saying he was working on plans for taking office in January.

The Associated Press does not call any race that may proceed to a recount.

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That meant that on ballots in Wilson's district, the Senate race was the only race beneath the ballot instructions in the left-hand column.

In yet a third statewide seat - the Cabinet position of agriculture commissioner - the candidates were separated by 483 votes out of more than 8 million cast - a margin of 0.006 percent.

Like Senator Bill Nelson, Andrew Gillum has lawyered up, hiring Barry Richard, who represented President George W. Bush in the 2000 recount.

"We will litigate until we have determined that every person's vote has been counted", Chandler said.

"It's a great honor", he said.

"We're working really hard on the transition", he said.

"Under votes" are likely to become rarer in the future as more counties switch to EViD operating systems, which let poll workers verify voters' information electronically when checking them in to vote. "But, we're good and look forward to serving".

The first unofficial returns from county canvassing boards are due to the secretary of state and Division of Elections by Saturday, Nov. 10.

Throughout the state, overseas and military voters - a very small pool - still had a few days for their ballots to arrive by mail and be counted. Most counties also still had not fully tabulated their provisional ballots - in which a vote is cast, but subject to further review of a voter's eligibility.

Nelson's elections lawyer, Marc Elias, a veteran of prominent recounts around the country, told reporters Thursday morning that he expects the gap to narrow and reach the manual-recount threshold.

Elias said he's concerned that a third of the votes in the Florida Senate race are still unknown.

Scott has not spoken publicly since election night, when he claimed victory over Nelson, even though no news outlets declared the race won.

"It's a little early to say how it's going to play out", Foley said.

A loss by the 76-year-old Nelson would likely end his political career and make it almost impossible for Democrats to retake the Senate.