Healey, other AGs call for Whitaker to recuse himself from Russian Federation probe


"I'd like to know the truth", said Pat Noga, an Emmaus resident.

Kreutz said the appointment of Whitaker, whom the AP called "a Republican Party loyalist", eventually could end the probe by cutting funding.

Whitaker has publicly spoken about possible ways to slow or obstruct Mueller's investigation.

But with Sessions being pushed out yesterday, that oversight now reverts to his replacement, his former chief of staff, and now the acting attorney general, Matthew Whitaker.

"Pressuring and forcing Attorney General Sessions to resign is an unacceptable effort to interfere with the chain of command in the Russian Federation investigation", Casey said. He said there was no evidence of collusion. There have also been reports about past comments questioning the power and reach of the federal judiciary, and about his ties to an invention-promotion company that was accused of misleading investors. During a 2014 debate in Iowa when he ran for the Republican nomination for USA senate, Whitaker reportedly said he'd like to see federal judicial nominees be "people of faith" with a "biblical view of justice".

Trump then tried to take a shot against Mueller for not being "Senate confirmed" - while also claiming that Whitaker, the former USA attorney for Iowa, has been.

"The [midterm] election results had barely come in, and Donald Trump railroaded his attorney general into resigning" Wyden said. Whitaker felt Mueller would focus on his job, regardless.

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The newly appointed AG, who reportedly has no plans to recuse himself from the Russian Federation investigation during his time serving at the Justice Department, also expressed concern over what Mueller looking into Trump could mean for the future.

Whitaker told CNN in 2017 he could envision a situation where a new attorney general would "reduce (Mueller's) budget so low that his investigation grinds to nearly a halt".

West Wing sources said they are "worried" about Trump Jr as they fear Mueller will be able to snare him on perjury.

Sessions' dismissal sent alarm waves through Washington and the rest of the nation, since Whitaker has called for limitations to the Mueller investigation, as well as its defunding.

Whitaker himself meanwhile offered little clue about his intentions in a bland statement to reporters thanking Trump for his appointment, praising his former boss as a "dedicated public servant" and adding he would work to leading a department that conformed to the "highest ethical standards". McConnell said that's not needed because the probe will be allowed to finish.

"This is probably not going to be the last event like this here", she said. "That also happens to be my view".

"This is not just about firing Jeff Sessions", Jayapal said, "It is about putting in place somebody who has already clearly demonstrated that he can't oversee this investigation".