Man breaks into crocodile enclosure wearing Crocs, gets bitten


"According to Alligator Farm staff, they were prompted to review video surveillance when they found a "Croc"-style shoe in the crocodile pit and damage to the property", police said in a statement".

A 23-year-old man was injured after breaking into an alligator farm in Florida and jumping into a pond full of crocodiles, police said. Officers said they found the man, who said he'd been bitten by a wild alligator.

He's charged with multiple felonies, including burglary.

"He jumped off a five to six-foot structure into about two feet of water, then climbed up on the 20-foot structure later, which we know from the blood trail", John Brueggen, the director of the farm, told the Florida Times-Union.

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Hatfield caused about $5,000 in damage, authorities said. The man had to get through several barriers to gain access to the crocodiles.

There was no sign of a victim, but police received calls about a man in his underwear crawling across a nearby yard.

"I have a hard time justifying in my mind what I see, this guy seemingly staggering down some of the boardwalks but nimble enough to go over a 10-foot tall fence with barbed wire", he said. The man, identified as Brandon Keith Hatfield, was taken to Flagler Hospital for medical attention. He was later transported to the hospital, the report stated.