Michael Thomas' Celebration 'Brought a Tear' to Joe Horn's Eye


Horn's end zone call, however, was even more costly, with the National Football League levying a $30,000 fine for the Saints standout's celebration.

Which celebration did you like better?

Thomas said the message on the sideline was about being smart at the end of a close game.

"When I saw him bring out that cellphone, I teared up", Horn said. On top of that, Horn also went out and ordered Thomas #13 jersey, which he plans to wear when he attends any future Saints events. "But overall, to be able to hold him and not allow him to really wreck this game was big for us".

Thomas played coy with the media after the game, giving few details about the origins of the phone and who knew about it beforehand, saying he acted alone. In a move straight out of the early 2000s, Thomas ran to the goal post and revealed a flip phone that he had hidden before the start of the game and pretended to make a call. He said he purchased the phones from a liquor store.

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Thomas was penalized for using a prop in his celebration, too, and he should also expect a fine, though likely a more lenient one as a first offense.

Thomas has been one of the more notable Saints this season with his vocal presence on Twitter.

Joe Horn is a Saints legend. All these guys just catching touchdowns and celebrating with each other, having fun, getting the crowd involved.

The celebration was a recreation of Joe Horn's renowned effort against the Giants. "I felt like I had an opportunity to make it happen, put the game away and make a call".