Tesla enables Model 3 Track Mode


Tesla has officially begun rolling out its awaited "Track mode" for the Tesla Model 3 Performance. The VDC replaces the standard stability control system, which typically only gives a vehicle the option to fully engage driver safety nets, reduce them, or turn them off. Tesla's solution still integrates stability control, but it gradually hands over more control to the driver. The system can handle 100 percent of torque delivery to the front or the rear. Cue "never been in Track Mode" lines on used Model 3 adverts. If the driver requires more, it sends torque to the rear.

In brief: Tesla's new Track Mode is a nifty addition for enthusiasts that like to put their cars - and driving skills - to the test on a road course.

Also turned up in Track Mode is the car's regenerative braking capability, as Tesla reckons you'll want maximum deceleration on track when the anchors are on. It also helps the VDC assist in rotation when the driver lifts off the accelerator. This obviously simulates the effects of a limited-slip diff and is therefore primarily an aid to traction - unless, of course, you tell the vehicle you want to get sideways again. This ensures force is spread evenly, despite an open differential.

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Right now, the update is only for the Model 3 Performance variant, but last month CEO Elon Musk said Track mode will launch for all Tesla Performance cars in the future. The latter is achieved by "proactively" dipping the battery and drive unit temperatures both in preparation for your track session and immediately after, and upping the capacity of the refrigerant system "by overclocking the AC compressor into higher speed ranges".

Unfortunately, the improved track time doesn't hold much value because the second run was done with superior tires and brakes.