Amber Rudd's return is a surprising yet inevitable new dawn


Sajid Javid MP, who replaced Ms Rudd as Home Secretary, said he was "thrilled" to see her back in the Cabinet. The Tory also shockingly claimed that her current handling of Brexit is in "crisis mode" and told the Financial Times that the European Union referendum vote had "divided the country, the party and my own family".

Several Brexit-backing ministers resigned on Wednesday in protest of Mrs May's Brexit draft deal.

"The report, written by Sir Alex Allan, the Prime Minister's independent adviser on ministerial standards, says 'crossed wires" contributed to Ms Rudd's downfall.

She was home secretary from July 2016 until April this year, when she resigned her post after she "inadvertently misled" the Home Affairs Committee regarding immigration policy following the Windrush scandal.

Ms Rudd described herself as a "one nation Tory" and added that she is "delighted to have been given the honour and the responsibility" of heading up the department for work and pensions.

The government says it "completely disagrees" with the United Nations report, but in the Daily Mirror's view, it could not have painted a bleaker picture of austerity Britain.

"With universal credit in absolute shambles, appointing a disgraced former minister who was only recently forced to resign for her role in another scandal is a desperate choice by a weak prime minister".

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En otra se pedirá a la ciudadanía decidir sobre la viabilidad de dar una pensión a un millón de personas que viven con alguna discapacidad.

Earlier, the Scottish Secretary David Mundell pledged his support for Theresa May amid what he called an "unprecedented onslaught" by her critics.

Rudd drove forward action on domestic abuse and sex abuse while she was at the Home Office.

Asked if he would extend Article 50 to give politicians more time to seek a different agreement, he said: "I believe we can do it within the (current) timescale itself".

"They're not moving down here to get a job, they're moving down here to have easier access to friends and drugs and drink".

Stephen Barclay has been promoted to the position from his ministerial role in the department of health.

After her return to the Cabinet was announced, Liz Truss, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, said it was "great to have Amber Rudd back".

It comes after Environment Secretary Michael Gove reportedly turned down the role.