Chipotle Manager Fired After Viral Video May Get Her Job Back


The Chipotle manager who was sacked on Friday after a video went viral showing employees refusing service to five black men unless they could prove they had money to pay for their meals could be re-hired.

Regardless, Chipotle said that the manager was obligated to make food for the group and should have withheld it if they were unable or refused to pay for it.

After the video went viral, some people took to Twitter to say that Chipotle's decision to fire the manager was wrong.

Masaud Ali, 21, recorded the incident and posted it on social media, captioning the video: 'Can a group of young well established African American get a bite to eat after a long workout session. The video, which received more than 5 million views as of Sunday night, showed an employee, who was smiling and speaking in a friendly tone of voice, saying, "You gotta pay because you never have money when you come in here".

'It sounded really racist - the way she said it was racist, ' Ali told the Star Tribune on Friday. "She asked for proof of income as if I'm getting a loan".

Chipotle replied to the video stating "what happened here is not how our employees should treat our customer".

Chipotle was quick to terminate the manager.

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Our actions were based on the facts known to us immediately after the incident, including video footage, social media posts and conversations with the customer, manager, and our employees.

Chipotle says the manager was sacked and that staff has gone through re-training to prevent a similar situation from occurring.

The men were vocal in their objections and asked a white customer if he had paid before ordering.

In response, the bewildered men repeat the woman's claim: "we got no money?" before attempting to convince the manager that they had honest intentions. "The manager has been terminated and the restaurant has been retrained so this doesn't happen again".

Internet sleuths trawling Mr Ali's profile to assess his good character have come out defending the manager's instincts, posting screenshots of previous tweets by Mr Ali bragging about not paying for meals in restaurants.

Chipotle said it is aware of the old tweets and is now investigating the incident.