Migrants streaming into Tijuana, but now face long stay


On Wednesday, hundreds of Tijuana residents protested at a park where the migrants had set up camp along the fence between Mexico and the United States.

A caravan of migrants mostly from Central American countries en route to the USA has reached the Mexican city of Tijuana bordering the US on Friday. Would you want us to go to your house and make a huge mess?' shouted one woman.

Shouting anti-immigrant slogans, protesters threw stones at the migrants, even targeting children in some cases, as police looked on.

There are real questions about how the city of Tijuana will manage to handle the migrant caravans working their way up through Mexico, and which may total 10,000 people in all.

The Mexican interior ministry says there are now around 8,000 migrants crossing the country in several caravans.

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The caravan mostly consists of Hondurans who are fleeing from violence and poverty in their home country.

The city has however set up a shelter for the migrants in a sports complex, where more than 2,000 of them spent Thursday night, according to Tijuana's head of social development, Mario Osuna. In the coming days, officials believe as many as 5,000 could seek asylum and entry into the United States.

Even if they endure the long wait to cross at such posts, less than 10 percent of asylum requests are granted, the U.S. government says.

The caravan has also been met with protests by some Tijuana residents, and xenophobic comments from Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum, who said the "horde" of migrants had arrived "with an aggressive, obscene plan".

'Every country in the world has every right to protect its borders and every country in the world has the obligation to do so in full respect of human rights, ' said European Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova.