Missing Argentine Submarine Found In Deep Ocean Ravine


The Argentine government acknowledged on Saturday that it lacked the proper technology to rescue the submarine found deep in the Atlantic that disappeared a year ago with 44 crew members aboard.

Aguad's words came right after relatives of the deceased 44 crewmembers had demanded that the ship be lifted.

On Thursday, North American survey firm Ocean Infinity was just 48 hours away from giving up its search when it found an unknown object on the ocean floor.

Argentina's president Mauricio Macri said the families of the submariners should not feel alone and delivered an "absolute and non-negotiable commitment" to find "the truth". "We would be pleased to assist with a recovery operation but at the moment are focused on completing imaging of the debris field, " he said.

Argentina's navy has now confirmed the wreckage of the submarine has been finally be found after 366 days of searching.

"Much of what happens from here will have to be resolved by the justice department", Aguad said.

Footage showed relatives of the lost crew members grieving in the northern port of Mar del Plata, the submarine's home base, as they received the news the submarine had been found.

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At the time of the disappearance, the Navy said water that had entered the submarine's snorkel caused its battery to short-circuit.

The German-built diesel-electric TR-1700 class submarine dated back to the mid-1980s and had been most recently refurbished in 2014, when it was cut in half as its engines and batteries were replaced.

Almost 10 days later, the navy confirmed there had been an explosion on board, which experts said was likely linked to the battery problem. The company was responsible for the search for the missing vessel and was commissioned by the Argentine government.

Argentine police investigating the sub's disappearance raided naval bases in January.

According to naval commander Gabriel Galeazzi, the submarine surfaced and reported what was described as a "short circuit" in the vessel's batteries.

"Our thoughts are with the many families affected by this awful tragedy. We sincerely hope that locating the resting place of the ARA San will be of some comfort to them", the statement said. The same ship was previously involved in the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.