Trump Grades Himself: 'A+ ... Can I Go Higher Than That?'


"Nobody believes in the First Amendment more than I do" he claimed, and attempted to clarify that he did not believe all media is the "enemy", but only outlets which he considers "fake news".

A trio of incoming House freshman on Sunday said President Trump should have visited Arlington National Cemetery instead of focusing on other business last Monday, when Veterans Day was observed as a federal holiday. "Not the media. I'm glad you're finally quoting it correctly because they like to leave the fake news out".

Wallace said he is on record as saying that he thinks some news coverage of Trump is biased.

Trump frequently said on the campaign trail that "a vote for" - any given Republican candidate - "is a vote for me".

The President then brought up the issue from last week when he did not visit the veteran's cemetery in France on the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, on Veterans Day.

"Not one paper that I saw wrote it that way", he said. He said that the Secret Service wouldn't allow it and that the press wasn't reporting that. "It's false. Even sometimes they'll say 'sources say.' There is no source, in many cases - in many cases there is".

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Florida ocupó entonces los titulares de la prensa mundial porque solo unos pocos votos separaron al republicano George W. El diario Miami Herald ya da ganador a DeSantis , aunque el resultado oficial se dará a conocer el martes.

The two went back and forth for some time on the issue. "I have great people working at the White House".

"I think you will see that happen".

Trump told Wallace that former President Barack Obama had offered him some important guidance in the White House shortly after his 2016 election. "On top of which - we've just been very busy but I will be doing that".

"We're all together", said Wallace. As you know, I just left the day before the American Cemetery and I probably think, and that was one where it was raining as hard as you can imagine and I made a speech at the American Cemetery the day before.

"I should have done that", Trump said.

"It doesn't matter whether you call- but when you call CNN and the New York Times and -- we, we're in solidarity, sir", he said.