New Promo For Elseworlds Features Ruby Rose as Batwoman


But she's not exactly the one they expected.

The Dark Knight casts a large shadow on Greg Berlanti's CW Arrowverse, which has worked hard to establish itself as a TV superhero universe without the outsized presence of Batman.

As the plot details pour in for the body-swapping, Gotham-visiting, topsy-turvy Arrowverse crossover event titled "Elseworlds", fans are unsurprisingly ready to get a better look at what their favorite heroes are actually going to be doing during the episode.

"Our approach is: What does Gotham look like after the Batman has been gone for three years?" Consulting producer of the Elseworlds crossover and executive producer of the potential Batwoman series Caroline Dries gave some insight to EW. "Some people are thriving in his absence because now they can start to do their own thing without the oversight". So it's not a happy place. As a result, the shows have clumsily avoided saying his name like the plague, resulting in ridiculously opaque references like "Clark's friend" or "that insane guy in Gotham".

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Confirmed to not be appearing in the crossover earlier this month, Arrow consutling producer and Arrowverse architect Marc Guggenheim expanded on the mysterious absence of the Caped Crusader. "It's the worst case scenario". The reason no one talks about Gotham is the city might as well be dead. "It's practically a ghost town". "Barry is flabbergasted by that and all he wants to do in Gotham is meet Batman".

Perhaps most interesting is that Oliver Queen apparently doesn't think Batman was ever real, and that he was a hoax created to scare citizens. Furthermore, apparently, Oliver doesn't like the idea of there being another vigilante out there like him, which I think is kinda amusing given how much inspiration they took from Batman for this iteration of the Green Arrow.

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