Reports Of A Shooting At Mercy Hospital In Chicago


A gunman has opened fire on the campus of a Chicago hospital, according to police.

Police officer in critical condition after being shot in active shooter incident.

Earlier, he said there were "reports of multiple victims" in the shooting and that at least one possible offender had been shot.

Police say the gunman has been shot.

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says officers are searching the hospital.

Witness Hector Aditia said he saw the gunman shoot a female victim dressed in hospital scrubs "multiple times in the parking lot" and then exchange gunfire with responding officers.

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Nigary Thompson, who works at the hospital's family clinic, said she heard eight or nine shots. She said that at one point, she heard five shots in quick succession, but that the gunshots stopped after police arrived.

Correa said she was waiting in the lobby on her way up to the 12th floor, and officers told her to close the doors and stay quiet.

"They told us to run so we did", one hospital employee said.

Police have asked people to avoid the area and fire crews remain at the scene.

TV footage showed people filing out of the hospital into a parking lot with their hands in the air.