Google best Search engine, we keep Safari safe : Tim Cook


He made the comment during an interview that aired on 'Axios on HBO, ' also touching on concerns over data collection, the price of using social media and the company's relationship with Google.

Apple CEO Tim Cook defended the company's search deal with Google, which some report makes Apple between $3 billion and $9 billion annually.

Cook pointed to the Facebook privacy scandal: In the spring it became known that the data of almost 87 million users ended up with the British company Cambridge Analytica and by this illegally for election campaign of present US President, Donald Trump had been used. We have private web browsing.

The chief executive of Apple claims that regulation of the technology industry is "inevitable" and expects new laws to target large Silicon Valley technology businesses, including Apple.

"Generally speaking, I am not a big fan of regulation", Cook said in an excerpt released by Axios. "We have intelligent tracking prevention", he said.

But: "We don't have to admit it, if the free market works".

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However, he concluded that he thinks that "Congress and the administration at some point will pass something".

When asked about how comfortable he is on penning a deal with Google, Cook said Google's "search engine is the best".

Cook went on to say that opposing privacy regulation "isn't just wrong, it is destructive".

He even went on to say that the Apple-Google partnership is "not perfect" but supported his statement by adding that it "goes a long way to helping [both the companies]".

The agreement makes Google search the default in a number of ways, including within Apple's web browser Safari and for web searches carried out with its voice assistant Siri. "I'm actually encouraged at this point that there will be a marked improvement over time". "In a few years, we won't be able to imagine our lives without augmented reality", he said. Cook continued to state: "Taken to the extreme this process creates an enduring digital profile and lets companies know you better than you may know yourself".