Lift with 6 people plunges 84 floors in Chicago skyscraper


Mana Castillo noted that a dust-like material start falling into the vehicle.

A lift inside one of Chicago's tallest buildings plunged down 84 floors, trapping six people inside for about three hours on Friday (Nov 16), reported local U.S. media.

Per the Chicago Tribune, the nightmare unfolded at the skyscraper once known as the Hancock Center on Friday when the guests got on the elevator at the 95th floor.

Seconds before the incident, the passengers had left a restaurant on the building's dizzying 95th floor and entered the lift, when one of the cables malfunctioned and the auto fell at a hair-raising speed.

"I knew something wasn't OK", Castillo told the Chicago Tribune. One of the cables was found to be snapped, whereas the others were luckily still attached, preventing the deadly fall.

No one was seriously injured during the malfunction, but one passenger, who was not identified, was treated for anxiety after the harrowing ordeal.

A city official told the Tribune the elevator was last inspected in July, and that a "hoist" rope connected to the auto failed shortly after midnight.

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Luis Vazquez, a friend of the Montemayors who took a different lift to the ground floor, told the Tribune he couldn't believe what was happening.

Some of those who were trapped in the elevator have also accused the building's on-site security staff of delaying the call to the fire department.

"It was a precarious situation where we had the cable break on top of the elevator (and) we couldn't do an elevator-to-elevator rescue, we had to breach a wall", Chicago Battalion Fire Chief Patrick Maloney told CBS.

Maloney explained they had to cut a hole in the wall of the 11th floor in order to access the stuck elevator.

The elevator and the two next to it will be closed until the appropriate repairs are made.

"That rope is one of several that are connected to the elevator, and, even with this one failing, there's a redundancy in place", City Buildings Department spokesman Gregg Cunningham told the paper.