Preity Zinta’s Stand On #MeToo Was FABRICATED & Here’s The Real Version!


Preity Zinta has been in the eye of a storm for her remarks on the #MeToo movement that has taken the country by storm. The actress had filed a molestation case against Ness Wadia in 2014 after he allegedly misbehaved with her at one of the Indian Premier League (IPL) matches at Mumbai's Wankhede Stadium in May 2014. Finally, to calm down the negativity against her, the actress had to apologize for hurting the sentiments.

While many actresses have moved the industry with their heartbreaking stories of MeToo, Preity Zinta backlashed for her silly response on the burning topic of the film industry all over.

"First I am a huge supporter of the movement and it's unfortunate that some of my comments were taken out of context", she stated.

Now, the actress has issued a fresh statement clarifying her stance on #MeToo. The actor had said in the interview, "Though I heard a line - aaj ki Sweetu kal ki MeToo ho sakti hai (Today's Sweetu can become tomorrow's Me Too). It's ironic that someone who has gone through abuse, as I have, has to clarify this", she wrote in her statement.

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"The reason I don't want this movement diluted with false accusations is because my brother went through it and eventually shot himself".

"Working on Kavach safety men said to me if women want 2B safe they should not go out - After the #MeToo movement same people are anxious & say - Kal ki Sweetu aaj ki MeToo ho Sakti hai!"

The statement goes on to state while women should be allowed to come forward voicing their experiences, men should not be "automatically vilified" either. "So it never happened and much later when it happened, I did react and the whole world saw it". Now men think twice before harassing a woman at work.

I have seen both sides of the coin and I'm very hurt and sad I have to write such a long clarification specially after advocating and fighting for women's rights all my life. "I hope in the future there is more trust, especially for women because if we don't stand together, there really is no movement". "The reason I was smiling in the interview was because it's an interview & I was doing movie promotions".