Brexit Impact Papers: How Much Would Each Deal Affect The Economy?


The analysis is expected to conclude the United Kingdom would be better off under the terms of Mrs May's agreement than it would in the event of a "no-deal" Brexit.

The GDP was just over 6% during the financial crisis, Bloomberg said.

Mr Carney said earlier in November that the impact of leaving the European Union with no transition period could be likened to the 1970s oil crisis.

Just over half of Britons (51%) said that staying in the European Union would be best for the economy.

Public support for Theresa May's Brexit deal has increased by a significant margin since it was first proposed - but it is still British people's least favourable option.

Woody Johnson, the USA ambassador to the United Kingdom, has since told the prime minister that Brexit is a matter for the British people to decide.

While Mrs May was fishing for support for her Brexit deal in Renfrewshire in Scotland, ITV News went to find out what the Scottish fishing industry thinks about it.

"I have been robust in defending the interests of Scottish fisherman so far - and I will always be so".

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Asked about the possibility of a contempt motion, the PM's official spokesman said: "Our position is we are honouring the commitment we gave on the floor of the house".

While she appeals directly to voters to support her plan, some have suggested she might be better off trying to win over politicians in Westminster.

After the report was published, many millennials called it "good news", and Tony Blighe said: 'Predicting a 30% drop in house prices would certainly get anyone under 30 on board with a no deal Brexit'. "That is why we will work with all sides in parliament to oppose no deal".

They are expected to use the next two weeks to argue there is no Commons majority for any of the alternative proposals being suggested in Westminster, meaning the prime minister's agreement is the only alternative to no-deal.

Downing Street has only said the Government would be releasing a "full reasoned position statement" laying its out political and legal position on the withdrawal agreement.

Shadow Brexit secretary Starmer told MPs he was "deeply concerned" that ministers meant to ignore the motion calling on them to publish the advice.

It is thought the legal advice, which has been presented to Attorney General Geoffrey Cox, includes alarming lines about the Northern Irish backstop customs arrangement.

Cabinet Office minister David Lidington promised the government would comply.