HIV Diagnosis At Its Peak In Eastern Europe


"Once diagnosed, individuals are less likely to pass on their infection due to treatment and changing their behaviour, so it is essential for both the person with HIV and anyone with whom they may have sex, that the condition is diagnosed early".

Men are suffering disproportionately from HIV across the entire Region: 70% of new HIV diagnoses are in men.

But methadone, which research has shown helps to prevent injecting drug users passing on HIV, is banned in Russian Federation.

"This is a potential shift from mainly affecting key populations to affecting the general population".

The National Health Services Minister Aamer Mehmood Kiani has said that Pakistan has an estimated 150,000 people living with HIV but out of these only 25,000 are registered at the 33HIV treatment Centres across the Country (World AIDS Day). Cases have increased in Crimea since it was annexed from Ukraine in 2014, according to the Moscow Times.

Discrimination against LGBT+ people means those at risk of HIV/AIDS are afraid to seek out testing and treatment, experts say.

Russian Federation was ranked Europe's second least LGBT-friendly nation in 2016 by ILGA-Europe, a network of European LGBT groups.

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"No one should think, 'I won't ever have HIV, ' " he said. There was also a reduction in diagnoses attributed to heterosexual transmissions involving people from countries with generalised HIV epidemics.

Activists blame widespread discrimination against LGBT+ people for an eight-fold rise in transmission among men having sex with men, to more than 1,000 cases annually. He said that it was also crucial to achieving the targets and empowering people to make choice about HIV prevention so they could protect themselves and their loved ones.

"In numerous states, governments are not accepting (the) LGBT community as it is, even though MSM are a vulnerable group", he said.

"Where human rights for LGBT (people) are not accepted, and are not free and protected for everyone, there can not be efficient HIV prevention", Yoursky said.

"The campaign, which will be published on posters, leaflets and videos, is structured in four themes: "screening for infection, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), post exposure prophylaxis and" undetectable = nontransferable", with each a real character who recounts his experience and who explains the importance of each of the themes chosen.

The overall decline in the EU/EEA resulted primarily from a 20% drop in new diagnoses among men who have sex with men between 2015 and 2017, which remains the predominant mode of HIV transmission (38% in 2017) in this part of Europe.

Nonetheless, experts warned against complacency. The amount of contemporary HIV diagnoses in the area resumed escalating in 2017, but the momentum of the stride of the growth is decelerating according to the report from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control and the WHO Regional Office for Europe.