MI hospital suggests fundraising for heart transplant


"Insurance groups are recommending GoFundMe as official policy-where customers can die if they can't raise the goal in time-but sure, single-payer healthcare is unreasonable", Ocasio-Cortez, an unabashed supporter of Medicare for All, wrote sarcastically.

Hedda Martin, 60, wrote that a heart transplant board with Spectrum health, the Grand Rapids established hospital system could convene on Tuesday and determine if she is now qualified for a new heart.

Added Britt on the crowdfunding site, "The transplant team does not want to "waste" a vital organ if she can not afford heart rejection drugs. Understandably", the GoFundMe page continues. "We need to get mom on the heart transplant list". "She can go before the transplant team again on March 26, 2019".

As progressive lawmakers and healthcare experts have frequently pointed out in recent months, few growing trends have laid bare the fundamental immorality and brokenness of America's healthcare system quite like the rise of GoFundMe and other crowdfunding platforms as methods of raising money for life-saving medical treatments that-due to insurance industry greed and dysfunction-are far too expensive for anyone but the very wealthiest to afford.

Others corrected the congresswoman-elect from NY, who wrongly tweeted that the letter was from an insurance company.

"While it is always upsetting when we can not provide a transplant, we have an obligation to ensure that transplants are successful and that donor organs will remain viable", it reads.

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Spectrum Health responded to the social media outrage with a statement on its website, explaining that "we thoughtfully review candidates for heart and lung transplant procedures with care and compassion, and these are often highly complex, hard decisions".

"While our primary focus is the medical needs of the patient, the fact is that transplants require lifelong care and immunosuppression drugs, and therefore costs are sometimes a regrettable and unavoidable factor in the decision making process", the hospital said.

"We partner with our patients throughout their care and work closely with them to identify opportunities for financial assistance", it continued. "Our clinical team has an ongoing dialogue with patients about their eligibility, holding frequent in-person meetings and inform patients in-person to ensure they fully understand their specific situation".

Neither Martin nor her son could be reached for comment Sunday.

The $10,000 is meant to cover the 20 percent co-pay needed for two years of anti-rejection medication. One person even donated $5,000, while another gave $1,000, the page shows.

According to Fox 17, a friend of Martin's said she is grateful for the outpouring of support and for her dedicated nurses. Martin expressed that tenacity in a written statement to MLive. As of Monday afternoon, the page had raised over $28,000.