Clarke denies Australia cricket culture soured under his captaincy


"Boys and girls want to win".

'No one has spoken about being liked, certainly by the opposition, ' Paine told ESPNcricinfo. "Certainly there's that aspect, but from an opposition perspective we're not concerned about being liked one bit".

Speaking specifically of Warner, who had confrontations with England and South Africa players during the two series before his year-long ban, Clarke said the aggression Warner showed on the field was an attempt to have it fired back at him when he batted, and described it as a "turn on". "Not only in Australia, when we played in South Africa and England we were pretty motivated to win a series overseas and I think that is the biggest opportunity for us right now because we always have a good balance in the side which can do things for us which is very promising", he added. "As much of a threat that the Indian fast bowlers might pose, I think he's got a game that can cope with it here in Australia".

"We as cricketers call it the "Australian way", what it means is playing with good intent and good aggressive body language - but always playing within the rules". 'Trying to blame me for cheating in South Africa is a disgrace, ' he added. We are not even thinking about personal performances.

"It's a firmly-held belief that his misunderstanding of what happened in Australian cricket over the past nine months, and being wedded to an old idea that has proved to be the destruction of the team and it dates back to his time as captain".

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Además dijo que consiguió importantes logros en varios aspectos que son fundamentales para el país . En su mensaje declaró que seguirá trabajando por un país en paz, próspero e influyente.

"I think it will continue unfortunately because people will misinterpret what I said or they won't listen to my full 17-minute interview a couple days ago".

"That's 100 per cent how I feel", Clarke said on Macquarie Radio.

"It depends on the individual". The focus for us has got to be on delivering our skill as well as we possibly can, so if guys want to get involved in a bit of that stuff to get themselves going, then that's great. We're not going to be going over the top, but certainly you've got to stand up for your team and your teammates, and I'm sure when the time comes for that we'll be doing that.

"For Gerard Whateley to insinuate that I am responsible for the ball-tampering issue makes him nothing more than a headline-chasing coward", Clarke wrote.