G-20 leaders arrive in Argentina for weekend summit


Trump relishes the one-on-one dynamics with other world leaders.

Washington in July launched a bold trade war with the Asian giant by imposing increased tariffs on Chinese imports valued at some $34 billion.

The Canadian government is also looking to sign the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement on the summit sidelines, though the Prime Minister's Office hasn't finally confirmed that formality is in the delegation's plans.

Financial and commodities markets are closely watching the outcome of the summit, especially the planned meeting between Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping on Saturday. Can they reach a truce on a dispute that has rattled markets?

China, while it has imposed retaliatory tariffs of its own on more than US$100b of U.S. imports, has made some concessions by opening segments of its economy to greater foreign investment and promising wider liberalisation.

"The G20 has a good history of dealing with serious economic issues". A hundred years after the end of World War One, some academics have even warned of another "Thucydides Trap" - a theory that sees a risk of rivalry between a rising and an established power spiralling into open conflict. A Honda executive at the September hearing testified tariffs are hurting the entire auto supply chain, calling the business environment in the USA "unsettling".

In the G20 context, that parallels controversies pitting Beijing against other nations over the passage of ships through the South China Sea, a vital trading artery.

"It involves a lot more complex issues that are not going to be resolved over the course of a single dinner".

Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron hinted he would raise the issue of murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi when he meets Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, whom the Central Intelligence Agency reportedly concluded had ordered the killing.

Even if a deepening U.S.

Next US moon landing will be by private companies, not NASA
NASA hopes that others will use these services as space travel becomes an endeavour accessible to private corporations. NASA is set to unveil a set of new " Moon partnerships" with US companies in a press conference this afternoon.

Human Rights Watch is also waiting for the crown prince, having urged Argentine prosecutors to charge him with war crimes over the Saudi-led military coalition's action in Yemen. Russian Federation has said Ukraine didn't have permission to pass between Russia's mainland and the Crimean Peninsula, while Ukraine insists its vessels abided by maritime laws.

A decade on, that unity has vanished as the "America First" Trump shreds the consensus underpinning worldwide trade and other G20 countries such as Brazil, Italy and Mexico turn to populist leaders.

Europe is on weak footing at this year's G-20. But those efforts are often undermined by other Trump-ordered moves that are straight out of the "America first" playbook, experts and Democratic members say.

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that new auto tariffs were "being studied now", asserting they could prevent job cuts such as the U.S. layoffs and plant closures that General Motors Co announced this week.

"The last summits have been somewhat disappointing and marked by contention, particularly over trade-related issues".

Trump used a similar bargaining tactic against the European Union.

"The Trump administration's view of multilateralism and of these sorts of institutions ... from the start has been a very skeptical view", he said. Chris Coons, who serves on the Foreign Relations Committee.

The renegotiations, however, left a bad taste among the partners, Shifter said.

"It is unlikely that the G20 meeting will provide any guidance as to what will happen next", Navia said.

Argentina, this year's G20 president, has stressed the importance of the summit as a consensus-building forum. Trump added, shortly after taking off aboard Air Force for the two-day meeting starting on Friday.