Minecraft: Story Mode is now on Netflix, Telltale's final launch


More recently, Telltale has been in the news more for the games it isn't making, than the ones it manages to put out. And it's likely a platform you were not expecting.

And for those wondering if a game really can be played through your TV, Amazon Fire Stick, or whatever else you stream Netflix through.

Developer Telltale Games has released the first three Netflix-adapted episodes of its interactive adventure, Minecraft: Story Mode. However, it does not now work on phones.

Interactive 'Minecraft' adventure is now available on Netflix

Back in September of this year, Telltale Games had quickly shut down following severe financial strain and business circumstances, leading the studio to end development on its upcoming projects such as The Wolf Among Us: Season 2 and a project based on Netflix's own original series, Stranger Things. Netflix's page for the series said the final two episodes would be coming in December to round out the five-episode experience. These "final two episodes" may just be referring to the last three episodes of the first season since they were post-release DLC as opposed to episodes planned to be part of the initial season.

In the wake of the recent Telltale Games closure, and all the controversy that followed, a project that was near completion before the disruption began in earnest has finally seen the light of day. An option comes up on the screen and you click to the option you would like to choose. You also can't fast forward through the cutscenes but you can pause it.

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