Scottish Parliament to formally oppose Theresa May’s Brexit deal


The shadow chancellor's remarks raised hopes among activists and MPs that the party will finally take the gamble of pledging a "People's Vote" in a bid to resolve the Parliamentary stalemate.

The shadow chancellor repeated that a general election remained a preference but admitted it was "very hard to do" because of the Fixed-term Parliaments Act.

J.K. Rowling led the social media onslaught saying May's comments in response to John McDonnell's assertion that Labour will inevitably back a second Brexit referendum "make literally no sense".

Asked if a warning by shadow home secretary Diane Abbott that a second vote could result in another victory for Leave, Mr McDonnell acknowledged that could be the outcome. It reaches a wider audience and the timing looked good to me because it's not inconveniencing people who want to watch other things later in the evening. "Our policy is if we can't get a general election, then the other option which we've kept on the table is a people's vote".

This would be the first time May has been willing to go up against the Labour leader in a live television debate after she refused to take part in any in the run-up to last year's general election.

Mrs May is beginning a two-week campaign to sell her Brexit deal to the public and MPs, before the vote in the House of Commons on 11 December.

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But once the main motion is defeated, and if May refuses to call a general election, a major operation will kick in to mobilise for a second European Union referendum.

"One of the options if a general election is not achievable is the option of supporting a public vote".

However, the agreement was defended by Education Minister Nadhim Zahawi, who like Mr Martin advocated a Brexit vote in 2016.

Let's focus on the deal that we have negotiated with the.

Turning his attention to the Labour leader, Mr Campbell continued: "What he'd want out of a debate like this would be to go on there and go on about the need to end austerity".

Should the Government's deal fail to get through Parliament he said: "What I'd like to happen is Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister".